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How to Recognising a Spider Mite Infestation

Spider mite infestations are easier to control when caught early.


Spider mites are less than 1 mm in size and can vary in colour. They lay small, spherical, eggs which are initially transparent and many species will spin webbing around the eggs to protect them from predators. They live on various types of plant on the under sides of its leaves and cause damage by puncturing the plant cells to feed.


Spider mites are normally more prevalent in hot, dry conditions. Spider mites can hatch within 3 days, mature in as little as 5 days and the female spider mite can lay up to 20 eggs a day and live to around 4 weeks. This means one mature female mite can spawn a population of a million spidermites within a month hence the importance of catching them early.


Evidence of an infestation can be seen by the damage they do to the plants leaves, normally seen as a white dotted pattern or stippling on the leaf. Underneath the leaf damage you will find the spider mites. They are barely visible to the naked eye so use of a magnifying glass could be a good idea. Alternatively hold a sheet of white paper under a plant that is infected with spider mites and give the plant a shake. You should be able to see black dots appear on the paper and they may start to move around giving you a good indication of a mite infection.


As well as dots and stippling you may see bronzing and burning on the leaves and on a heavy infection the leaves will dry out, turn yellow and drop off the plant. There will also be a fine silk webbing on leaf undersides and between the stems of the plants. Treatment is crucial as without it the infected plant will die.

How to Control a Spider Mite Infestation

The best way to control a spider mite infection is to spray the infected plants with spider mite control plus once the infection is discovered. To apply spider mite control, mix 25ml of SMC Plus to 1 litre of water and then spray plant completely with a fine mist. Because spider mite control is 100% organic and safe to plants it can be re-applied as many times as required until the mite colony is eradicated.


It works by a physical means blocking the breathing holes of the red mites and insects causing death by suffocation. Any spider mite eggs are unlikely to hatch due to their encapsulation within the medium and their obvious inability to transpire successfully into an adult spidermite.

Spider Mite Control and Spider Mite Control Plus

100% Organic Spider Mite Killer

The Ultimate Spidermite Killing Formula for Control of Spider Mites


Spider mite control products are an effective solution for killing spider mites. Unlike some other types of pesticides and insecticides SMC acts as a surfactant which will also prevent the spider mite eggs transpiring to adulthood. The products carry the following benefits:


· Highly effective - tested used and recommended by professional growers.
· Fast acting kills spider mites on contact
· Stops eggs hatching
· Easy to use
· 100% Organic
· 100% Safe for every day use
· 100% Control
· Safe to children, pets and wildlife
· Safe to beneficial insects
· Safe to use with biological controls
· Can be used anytime with no restrictions on how often it can be used
· Tested on a large number of plant species with no phytotoxicity problems*


* If in doubt, test on a small area of the plant before applying to the rest.


Spider mite control has generally been from the use of chemical pesticides and insecticides which are not kind to the environment. And the natural alternatives to controlling the red mites are not always effective and even though natural can be harmful to different types of plant life and potentially be a danger to the user.


But with Spidermite Control Plus products controlling a spidermite infestation it's now 100% organic and safe for the end user, plant and animal life it comes into contact with.

Spider Mite Control can be used to kill and control:

• Spider Mites
• Greenfly
• Blackfly
• Whiteflies
• Thunderfly


Plus many other plant pests.